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April is off to a good, rainy start, and many of us will soon be taking walks through all the new grass and weeds. That new growth, together with warmer days, will unfortunately bring those pesky fleas back to trails and your backyard, lurking on squirrels and other wildlife.

Flea control has come a long way in recent years. We no longer bathe and dip dogs and cats. And we have safe, effective means to kill and control fleas so they don’t invade your home anymore. The oral prescription medication Comfortis helps stop fleas from triggering allergic skin reactions in both dogs and cats, and the newer topical over-the-counter products Activyl and Vectra kill fleas just through contact with the flea body on the pet’s skin. The fleas don’t even have to bite your pet!

Please ask us for more information about these new products, or consider trying a dose so you can see for yourself how wonderful they are.

And stay tuned for more information on future talks at See Spot Run. Dr. Granzow’s talk on backyard chickens was very well received in March. Thanks for all your support!


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