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April is Heartworm Awareness Month

The recent winter and spring rainfall means that there is probably standing water in our gardens and outdoor pots. These are perfect places for mosquitoes to breed and then populate our neighborhoods. Mosquitoes can spread heartworm to dogs as well as diseases to people, so now is the time to thoroughly check your yard and get rid of any water you find, even if it’s a very small amount.

Mosquitoes that carry heartworm can inject it into cats and dogs. Over a period of nine months the larvae mature into adult worms in the heart. The infection is worse for dogs, and the treatment can be difficult and costly. Thankfully heartworm disease is not common in Alameda, but it is prevalent in other parts of California, and endemic in many states with tropical heat and humidity.

There are monthly heartworm-preventative medications we can prescribe for your pet to stop the larvae from maturing, thus stopping the infection before it reaches the heart. If your pet is not currently on a preventative medication, please call us to discuss it!

Any canine heartworm test we perform in April will be $20 for current patients, and if you begin a heartworm preventative we will pay for your first dose after ensuring the test results are negative for infection.

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